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Fibre Optic Internet

AG-Placid Limited operating ISP license number INT/006/12 in Nigeria is authorised to deploy and re-distribute Internet/related services across the country.
AG-Placid is an ISP that provides Internet access mainly through fibre optic & Vsat. Currently we have presence and service running in all the state capitals of Nigeria plus some major cities.

We also offer co-location hosting of critical disaster recovery resources for NGO’s, government establishment and other IT companies. We are currently engaged Huawei in discussion to deploy the Huawei cloud technology to our datacentre to enable us offer these services to Nigerian customers.
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VSAT Internet

We have provided VSAT service with TDMA, SCPC, DVB-S2, DVB-RCS and DVB-RSC2 technology. Capabilities of VPN and Turnkey solution from North to South of Nigeria. Established site-to-site provision of VPN solution allowing secure and private connection between VSAT positions. We have provided the hardware and software for hotel and banking automation to many sites for achieving VPN and remote access within the network.

AG-Placid has just launched a new satellite service on high throughput Hylas 4 satellite running Newtec satellite WiFi enabled modem and  covering 100% of Nigeria geographical area. We are now able the industry best in speed and quality of service, delivering service to residential, NGOs, Govt, Businesses, Rural communities, Education, Healthcare customers ... 

Networks, Video and Media companies, Government Agencies, Telco and ISPs, Oil and Gas
Companies, Education Institutes, Tourism Destinations, Health Sector and Rural Locations benefit from high availability and efficiency, combined with unparalleled cost effectiveness to deploy their networks to the most remote locations.